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Bondage to drugs and alcohol

Christian 12-Step Accountability

Three people decide to get sober; one just goes to AA; the second person just goes to church and the third person does both (AA and church). who has the best chance of staying sober?

If you said the third person, welcome to Rock Recovery.

Rock Recovery is a Christian 12-Step ministry of the Rock Church. Rock Recovery is a Christ-centered, co-ed support group that uses small group interaction, scripture, and twelve step principles, for those familiar with the bondage and destruction of addiction.

Do you need help? The first thing to do is to visit us at one of our gatherings. The best one to come to is the friday night bonfire. Click here to view our calendar of events

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Drug and alcohol addiction…….let's us show you how we have broken the bondage

We offer faith-based live-in and outreach drug and alcohol recovery programs.

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